Zackary Miller Didgeridoo Instruction
Classes: All individual lessons are given at my home studio near Santa Rosa High School, and the SRJC.  Lessons can be either hour of half-hour long at a tuition rate of $50/hour lesson, and $30 per half hour lesson.  Larger group classes and clinics (some Free!) for didgeridoo students will also be scheduled at various locations throughout Sonoma County.  Fees for clinics and group classes will vary with each location and the duration of the class.  Some classes may include other professional musicians providing accompaniment in the form of drums, hand percussion and other folk instruments from around the world.
Beginning Didgeridoo:  Beginning instruction in didgeridoo begins with understanding the creation of the primary drone note of the instrument.  From there we explore the basic technique behind circular-breathing and the creation of simple sound effects.  It is absolutely unnecessary to have any musical experience at all before bginning to learn to plary didgeridoo.
Intermediate and Advanced Didgeridoo:  Intermediate and advanced studies focus on developing a speech-level approach to didgeridoo performance.  Multiple approaches to circular-breathing and breath control will allow you to play for long periods of time and to integrate your performance with other musicians.  Studies in various styles of throat-singing, aerobic breathing patterns and the use of harmony are also pursued.
Electric Bass:  Bass lessons begin with an overview of elementary techniques and the intorduction of music theory.  Further instruction is tailored to the student's needs, interests and skill level.